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Climate Justice and Solidarity Based Adaptation

Climate Justice

Bangladesh is known as the country of disaster. But the people of this disaster prone country have learned from their experience that "Solidarity is the most effective tool to combat disaster". Climate Justice and Solidarity based adaptation.


Cultivating Responsibility within the Climate Uncertainty

Cultivating Responsibility

Cultivating Responsibility within the Climate Uncertainty - is a study on the impact of cyclone on the small scale shrimp farming in the Climate Change vulnerable south west Coastal Region of Bangladesh. This report “Cultivating Responsibility within the Climate Uncertainty” is the compilation of the key learning’s, baseline survey & monitoring data generated through the Safeguarding Coastal Ecosystem from Irresponsible Commercial Shrimp farming (SECO) project with assistance.


Working Together for Responsible & Eco-Friendly Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh

Working Together for Responsible

The global trend of shrimp business envisages that without informing consumers about sustainable farming practices, it will be gradually difficult to sell the shrimp products. Considering the social, environmental and local issues integrated commercial shrimp farming, the present study would like to rename CSR as CLOSER (Corporate Local, Social & Environmental Responsibility) for protecting ecosystem & community at local production level as well as to promote Environment-Friendly ExportOriented Shrimp Cultivation. Shrimp farm associations with support from government and NGOs can provide technical assistance.