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Conservation of Coastal Wetland in Southwest Region of Bangladesh

The project was successfully implemented by the support of IUCN-NL in two phases from March 2005 to September 2006.

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is an active part of Ganges Delta formed by alluvial soil carried in by the upstream flows. Most of the part of this region (about 70% of the total landmass) are coastal wetlands by nature, that are connected with many estuarine rivers of the Bay of Bengal. The coastal wetlands are very rich in biodiversity and highly biological productive in nature and are the grazing and breeding ground of many marine species. Coastal wetlands also provide habitat for a wide variety of resident and migratory waterfowls. In the 1960s the Coastal Embankment Project (CEP) was initiated to protect saline water entrance to the coastal wetlands.

Ensuring Democratic Rights of the Munda Community of Southwest region of Bangladesh

Ensuring Democratic Rights of the Munda Community of Southwest region of Bangladesh through proper enrollment in ongoing voter list funded by The Asia Foundation, 2008.

Improving Quality of Education for working Children in Khulna city

The successful approach of the project was to make the working children interested for enrolling schools. So the project planed to provide them with lessons on drawing and cultural activities along with drawing kits and snacks during classes. Competition on drawing and cultural events was another attraction for the children. This raise competitive mentality among the children for wining the first prize which ensured their regular enrollment in the school. The project also organized community meetings with parents of the children, employers of the child workers and community leaders to motivate them for regular enrollment of the children in the schools. These approaches increased the enrolment rate of the children by 22%. This increasing rate of children’s enrolment encouraged the authority of the beneficiary non- formal schools to add this components with their previous manual. The project was supported by Winrock International.

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Mapping the Battling Stories of Community Resistance

Mapping the Battling Stories of Community Resistance against the Twin Crises (Food crisis & climate Crisis) of the 21st Century in Bangladesh is a reserach project of Coastal Development Partnership supported by Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN).


The objective of this research project is to To determine the capacity of the Bangladesh to achieve food self-sufficiency and build resilience to address the climate crisis by relying on biodiversity-based smallholder agriculture.

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