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People acting through social mobilization for the conservation and wise use of the wetlands in the southwest coast of Bangladesh

People acting through social mobilization

People acting through social mobilization for the conservation and wise use of wetlands in the south west coast of Bangladesh was a initiative of Coastal Development Partnership to mobilize and aware people about the importance of wetlands. The project was implemented in all the three south west coastal districts.

CDP and four other PNGOs implemented the project with a great success by mobilizing all the key stakeholders (communities, Elected Representatives, Government Agencies, Business Communities, etc.) for the conservation and wise use of wetlandsThe project was supported by Ramsar Secretariat and Government of Japan.

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People's Empowerment for Addressing Climate Justice and Environmental Justice (PEACE)

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PEACE is strengthening the local capacity on community-driven ecosystem-based climate change adaptation to reduce vulnerability and adverse impacts of climate change in Bangladesh through effective and active participation of the extreme poor, socially excluded & most vulnerable communities. Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienste.v (EED), Germany is supporting the project.

PEACE is being implemented in 2 phases.

Phase I (2010-2011): Identification of the existing local knowledge base of local adaptation strategies within a community This phase was successfully completed in March 2011.

Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change (RVCC)

The project was successfully implemented from 2003 to 2005. The project was supported by CIDA and implemented through Care.

Reviewing IWRM in Perspective of People’s Wisdom (People’s Traditional Practice on Water Management); Supported By A Participatory Action Research

The project was successfully implemented by the support of Water for People’s Network (WPN), Philippines in 2007.

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