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Safeguarding Coastal Ecosystem from Irresponsible Commercial Shrimp Farming (SECO)

Safeguarding Coastal Ecosystem The project targeted 300 commercial shrimp farms and associated stakeholders and the surrounding community of the shrimp farms from the two coastal districts which are closest to the coastal forest; Khulna and Sathkhira in the SW coastal region of Bangladesh. The primary stakeholders of the project are poor women, coastal poor who are working in shrimp farms & processing plants, shrimp farm labourers, Shrimp farmers; Shrimp fry collectors (mostly women and children), shrimp processing and export establishments and shrimp farm owners Bangladesh Frozen Food Export Association (BFFEA) and Journalists. The secondary stakeholders of the project are Community leaders, Government officials, National policy makers and International Shrimp Buyers. The project was supported by IUCN-NL.

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