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Unmasking Stakeholders interest for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Bangladesh

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Unmasking Stakeholders interest for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Bangladesh - Is It for Public Benifit or Private Control over Public Resources?

Government approach & initiatives for promoting Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Bangladesh reveals that government is quite intoxicated by the PPP. The current government considers that PPP as one of the most important tool for rapid economic growth and also to make Bangladesh an industry based middle-income.


Living with Climate Change

Living with Climate Change

The security of individuals, communities, nations, and the entire global community is decreasing due to climate change. The human insecurity owing to climate change is perhaps the most wide spread non-military environmental threat the global community has ever faced. Climate change is a security concern because it has the potential to destabilize global socio-economic system, displace populations, and lead to the collapse of global development. Despite the omnipresent nature, climate security issues are still not high on the national security & policy agenda. Increased cyclone, storm surges, floods, riverbank erosion destroys and damage peoples properties including land, house, crop, cattle.


The Peace Handbook

The Peace Handbook

In economic context, industrialization for the economic development is the root cause of climate change. Every country wants to improve the living standards of its population through increasing speeding up industrialization. In social context, ignorance or insignificant knowledge of the people is the root cause of climate change.

If the relationship between human activity and climate had been widely understood many decades ago, we simply would not be facing the same magnitude of challenge that we face today.


Climate Justice and Solidarity Based Adaptation

Climate Justice

Bangladesh is known as the country of disaster. But the people of this disaster prone country have learned from their experience that "Solidarity is the most effective tool to combat disaster". Climate Justice and Solidarity based adaptation.


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