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4. Social Peace, Economic Justice & People’s Empowerment (SEE)

Social Peace, Economic Justice in coastal bangladesh The Social Peace, Economic Justice & People’s Empowerment (SEE) Program Unit is working with the poor communities & their supportive grassroots NGOs/CBOs to build their capacity for promoting social peace and economic justice by reducing social conflict regarding use of natural resources within and across generations.CDP is one of the pioneer NGO in terms of working with the indigenous “Munda” people to promote their identity and raise their unheard voices to the Policy makers as well as in the national development agendas' since inception in 1997.


CDP carried out the following projects under this program unit:

  1. An Initiative to strengthen peoples Movement to Ensure Economic Justice.

  2. Situation analysis on child rights violation in shrimp sector in southwest coastal region of Bangladesh.

  3. Developing Alternative Livelihoods for Shrimp Fry Collectors.

  4. Supports to the Working Children to Increase The Enrollment in the Non-formal Schools in Khulna City

  5. International Food Security Network–IFSN (Bangladesh Chapter)

  6. Special Program for Food Security (SPFS)

  7. Election Monitoring

  8. Capacity Building of Grassroots Partners (CBGP)

  9. Capacity Building of Grassroots NGOs for Social Development Activism

  10. Participatory Action research with the Munda Community

  11. CDP-SSOQ Partnership Program

  12. Ensuring Democratic Rights of the Munda Community of Southwest region of Bangladesh

  13. Translation of the new Tactics Materials in Bangla

  14. Prevention of Child & Women Trafficking

  15. Awareness Campaign on HIV/AIDS

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